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“AeroVis” – offers aviation, cargo transportation around the world.

AeroVis Airlines LTD was founded in 2003, and within many years was in a segment of leaders of the international cargo charter airfreight.

Main for us are: safety, quality, efficiency and reliability of the provided services for the purpose of the completest satisfaction of requests of our partners and clients as of paramount importance.

We realize activities based on the air operator certificate of UK 051 issued by CAA of Ukraine.

Also, company certified and has the right to execute transportations of Dangerous Goods.

Now fleet of AeroVis Airlines LTD consist of five An-12 and meeting all requirements for implementation of flights for the international airlines.

The technical operability and reliability of our airplanes is provided with highly qualified technical composition of our company.

In February 2017 we successfully passed certification procedure for compliance to standards of operational safety by the European Agency on Aviation Safety (EASA).

For today we provide services in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East.

AeroVis Airlines LTD co-operate with next international organizations:

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC);

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Support and Procurement Agency;

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

The wide range of transport services is provided with technical capabilities of the An-12 airplanes – initially constructed for military transport aircraft, such as:

– an opportunity to make flights on gravel and other unprepared runways;

– existence facilitating loading/unloading of a wide back stage and the offline loading equipment (cathead and the load handling winch);

– ability to make flights in low weather conditions.

Thanks to the technical characteristics and flight qualities our airplanes are widely demanded as optimum transport for:

cargo deliveries to the remote and hardly accessible regions which do not have necessary aviation infrastructure;

humanitarian assistance (transportation of foodstuff and industrial goods);

transportations of bulky goods for the purpose of support of maintenance of gas/oil fields, automotive industry, the heavy industry, etc.

implementation of express transportations, including, together with the different well-known worldwide logistic companies;

logistic support of peacekeeping missions;

supports of the Arctic expeditions;

performance transatlantic transportations;

The distinctive feature of AeroVis Airlines LTD that it also maintenance and continuing airworthiness organization (OPS1,  Part-145,  Part M Subpart- G).

We highly appreciate each our client and we make every effort for the purpose of satisfaction of their requests.

The company permanently is enhanced and moves to implementation of new opportunities and perspectives, both for itself, and for the partners and clients.

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International Committee
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AeroVis in Malta

AeroVis in Malta

The warm climate warmed us. An-12 (airline AeroVis) – in warm and beautiful Malta. Our Airline provides air cargo services all over the world.

AeroVis in Bratislava in anticipation of cargo

AeroVis in Bratislava in anticipation of cargo

Airline “AeroVis” Today our plane “enjoys” the beautiful winter weather in Slovakia (Bratislava). We thank our friends for the great photos !!!! (Airliners.sk)

Rapid loading of URGENT cargo for the conveyor of the automobile concern in Slovakia.

Rapid loading of URGENT cargo for the conveyor of the automobile concern in Slovakia.

“AeroVis” airlines LTD Rapid loading of URGENT cargo for the conveyor of the automobile concern in Slovakia. We are in social networks: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aerovis Google: https://plus.google.com/u/5/117714159852817270335 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AeroVisAirline Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aerovis/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/airline_aerovis/